Catechetical Training Videos

Training Videos

Session 1: What is catechesis?

The first session provides an overview on the nature, aims, history, and methods of catechesis.

Session 2: The Divine Pedagogy and the Bible

Session two addresses the fundamental role of Scripture in teaching catechesis and how catechists imitate God’s own pedagogy.

Session 3: The Catechism and Doctrine

Session three examines how the importance of the Catechism, explores it major sections, and discusses how to teach doctrine.

Session 4: Catechesis and the New Evangelization

Session four looks at the setting of catechesis within modern culture and presents how catechesis should respond to the call of the New Evangelization.

Session 5: The Central Role of Family

Session five explains the role of parents in catechesis and explores way in which families can become more active in catechesis and live the faith more fully.

Session 6: Catechetical Methods

Session six looks at how to teach catechesis and plan a lesson, building upon the baptismal catechumenate and pedagogy of faith.

Session 7: Evangelization and Discipleship

Session seven explains the nature of evangelization and discipleship and how they should be employed within catechesis, including through small groups.

Session 8: Growing in Relationship with God

The final session explains how the catechist should ground the teaching of the faith in regular prayer and study.