Official Catholic Directory (OCD) Update

Every Fall, the OCD publisher (Kenedy & Sons) updates the listing content located under the Archdiocese of Denver’s OCD section.  That update process includes reviewing and updating of Parish information.

As of 2018, that OCD update process is electronic, with the publisher emailing update notices to all entity listings directly, including to Parishes.  That publisher notice includes log-in and update instructions.

If your Parish doesn’t receive an email, it is because the contact name/email on file with the publisher per the previous year update process is now out of date.

At about the time the OCD publisher issues update notices, the Archdiocese office overseeing OCD updates (currently the Legal Department) will endeavor to send out any additional instructions/reminders to Parishes. This reminder will assist Parishes in getting to the update webpage regardless of whether the Parish has received a direct email from the publisher.

Please note the following when updating:

  • Review and update Parish contact and personnel information as the Parishes desires, but know that a lengthy listing of personnel is not necessary nor appropriate. That type of detail is better suited to a Parish website.
  • Review and update Parish school information, if applicable, though again, lengthy listing of personnel is not necessary nor appropriate. That type of detail is better suited to the Parish School website.
  • DO NOT enter in parish statistical information, though please try to take the time to enter in “0”s as placeholders.  Why?  The OCD statistical requests are duplicative of what is already sought by the Archdiocese of Denver in the annual parish deanery reports, so please be attentive to completing the deanery reports.
  • DO NOT edit mission/quasi-parish/sub-organization information WITHOUT first contacting the office named below to discuss any perceived errors in current publisher records.  Why?  The administrative office below maintains a list of canonical actions taken by the Archbishop and his various advisory bodies during the preceding year. Any OCD edits to parish/mission canonical status must be consistent with that Archdiocesan list of canonical action.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Robbyn Celestin
Assistant, Legal Department
Archdiocese of Denver Mgmt Corp.
1300 S. Steele St.
Denver, Colorado 80210

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