When do I need to use the MC Form?

There are different cases when you would need to use the MC Form. More information regarding this is in the MC Form Instructions attached below.

Request for Permission to Celebrate Marriage
– This is a permission for Mixed Marriage. This can only be requested if there is proof that the non-Catholic party was validly baptized, unless it is requested together with a Dispensation from Disparity of Cult ad cautelam.

Request for Dispensations

Reasons for Request
– When you request a permission or dispensation, a distinct reason is required. When discerning the reason, consider why the Church prohibits the marriage without the permission/dispensation and weigh the reasons justifying the law against the specific circumstances justifying the marriage.

Dispensation from Canonical Form

Permission for Place
– Permission for Place is required when a sacramental marriage involving two baptized persons) is to be celebrated with a Catholic ceremony in any place besides a parish church.

Pre-Nuptial Declaration and Promise
– If one party is non-Catholic, the Catholic Party only is required to make the declaration and promise. Declaration and Promise is required, regardless of whether the couple is beyond child-bearing age or capable of having children.

MC Form Instructions

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